Good evening, I hope everyone has had a fabulous Veterans Day, if you love your Freedom Thank a Vet! Here is your Hinesville Fort Stewart residential Real Estate report for the week ending 11 Nov 12. According to the Hinesville MLS there are 531 active homes on the market + 3 from last week, of those;
72 are foreclosures + 2 from last week
76 are builder properties -1 from last week
there are 1...
01 pending sales + 2 from last week, of those;
20 are foreclosure + 4 from last week
28 are builder properties - 3 from last week.
We had 10 closed transactions during this reporting period. I hope everyone has a productive week, enjoy life and remember If you know someone thinking of buying or selling a home or thinking of investing in real estate anywhere in the world tell them to message me and let me show them the way home!