Good evening, I hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was whirl wind.  I went to Charleston and came back Friday night, showed homes all day Saturday as well as set up open house for Sunday, showed Sunday morning and had open house in the afternoon, then went to the Boro and had dinner with my daughter Jess, enough about me here is your Hinesville / Fort Stewart real estate report for the week ending 23 September 2012.  According to the Hinesville MLS there are 539 residential listings in the Liberty/Long county area + 15 over last week, of those
55 are foreclosure + 13 from last week
79 are builder + 2
there are 108 Pending sales - 1 from last week
and we had 8 closed transactions during the period. 

Our market is very consistant right now no major swings and it is important to remember Real Estate is a local event, Now is a great time to buy interest rates are still at historical lows and there is varity in the market place.  Give me a call, email me or IM me and let me show you the way home!