Good evening, I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer, guess not much beach time this past week in the southeast.  Here is your weekly Hinesville – Ft Stewart residential real estate report.  According to the Hinesville MLS in Liberty and Long counties there are 516 active residential listings +5 from last week, of those;

51 are foreclosures +2 from last week

65 are builder properties -3 from last week

There are 156 pending sales in the area +4 from last week, of those;

39 are foreclosures -1

55 are builder properties +3

There were 4 closed transactions reported this period.

Last week I wrote about the difference in a 3.5% and 4% loan, well folks rates this past week were 4.5% which means that same $200,000 home now cost $115.28 more this week than it did last month at 3.5%.  Don’t get me wrong 4.5% even 5% are still great rates, my first VA loan was at 8%.  My point is that rates are starting to rise and now is the time to take advantage of some great inventory at all price points.  Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of closing some great foreclosures that were bought by owner occupants, their payments were under $400.00 per month, the same homes would rent for $900.00 per month.  Owning your home is still the American dream and it is definitely cheaper than rent.  I give one on one first time buyer consultations all it takes is your time, give me a call or have your friends and family give me and let me educate them as to how to buy a home.  Remember I can help you buy and sell real estate anywhere in the world so give me a call today and let me show you the way home.  Have a great week!!