Good evening!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Here is your Hinesville / Ft Stewart weekly real estate report.  According to the Hinesville MLS there are 521 active residential listings in the Liberty/Long county area, that is +16 from last week, of those;

81 are foreclosures +6

65 are builder properties -2

There are 93 pending sales +7 of those;

22 are foreclosures -1

23 are builder properties +6

We had 8 closed sales this period.

I often write about real estate investing as part of this report, and I believe it is important as a REALTOR ® that if I am going to counsel others about real estate investing, as an advisor I must walk the walk.  I am an active real estate investor having an ownership interest in nearly all classes of real estate from timber land to a warehouse to rental homes.  This past week I was negotiating on my own behalf on a rental property and I could not believe how inexperienced or uneducated my opponent was.  Their  lack of knowledge probably cost his client just a little bit of money, I would have red lined nearly my entire offer, now the deal is far from over and he will have few more opportunities to represent his client.  What he should have done is brought in a more experienced agent or even his broker to assist him or provide some guidance.  The moral to this is, when you decide to invest in real estate or any other instrument, ask your advisor if they invest in the product they are selling, if they are not ask why.   Have a great week everyone!  Remember the MLK parade in Hinesville Monday morning