Good evening I hope you all had a great weekend, Today turned out to be a wonderful day, I thought we were going to become ducks with all of the rain last week.  Here is your weekly Hinesville – Fort Stewart residential real estate report for the week ending 5 May 2013.  According to the Hinesville MLS in Liberty/Long counties there are 541 active residential listings which is +13 from last week, of those;

53 are foreclosures -3 from last week

78 are builder properties +4 from last week

There are 129 pending sales -4 from last week, of those;

40 are foreclosures -5

32 are builder properties +/-0

There were 15 closed transaction reported for the period.

What I found interesting this past week was, there were only 2 closed above $200,000 and the majority were under $150,000.  I may start digging a little deeper into those numbers here in the next few weeks.  From my prospective I am seeing a good bit of commercial activity and the majority of the inquiries I am seeing are for foreclosures.  I hope everyone has a fantastic week and remember I can help you buy and sell real estate anywhere in the world.  Be safe everyone!