Good evening!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, the weather was amazing today.  Here is your weekly Hinesville – Fort Stewart residential real estate report for the week ending 21 April 21, 2013.  According to the Hinesville MLS in Liberty and Long Counties there are 527 active residential listings – 1 from last week, of those;

63 are foreclosures -2 from last week

76 are builder properties -2 from last week

There are 134 pending sales -1 from last week of those;

43 are foreclosures -1

34 are builder properties +4

We had 14 closed transactions during the reporting period.

Our market remains active and there are many great values across all price ranges in our local market, interest rates remain low and owning is cheaper than rent.  This evening I showed a home in Farrington subdivision, the payment will be about $880.00 a month if you were to purchase it, this same property would rent for between $1200 and 1300 per month!  A $400 a month savings.  I figured this as a VA loan with no money down at 3.25% interest. This would be based on someone having credit scores of 620 and above. Rates are subject to change daily which would affect the payment.  So if you are on the fence, just do the math!

  Put on your calendar 22 April 21, 2013 1300 hours Club Stewart, the government wants to hear how different B R A C scenarios would affect you and your business, come out and have your voices heard! The squeaky wheel always gets the grease.  Have a great week and remember…….call me today and let me show you the way home