Good evening, I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I did.  Here is your weekly Hinesville – Fort Stewart residential real estate report for the week ending 14 April 2013.  According to the Hinesville MLS in Liberty and Long counties there are 526 residential properties for sale which is + 5 from last week, of those;

65 are foreclosures + 5 from last week

78 are builder properties + 5 from last week

We have 135 pending sales + 8 from last week, of those;

44 are foreclosures -1

30 are builder properties +4

There were 11 closed transactions during the reporting period.

The local market had some significant activity this week.  It seems the most active buyers are those looking at foreclosures, I personally had 2 active buyers that wanted to offer on different properties which had just been listed and on multiple occasions the properties were under contract, needless to say both are still looking, one is an investor and the other is an owner occupant.  In today’s parade magazine there was an interesting article, Time to Get Back in the Housing Game?  In it they take on this very issue, they also discuss the 3 crucial steps in beginning your real estate search; 1. Look at the Local market 2. Investigate your ability to get a loan and 3. Reconsider your reasons.  Great article and worth reading.   Have a great week everyone! Happy tax day and Happy Birthday Income tax 100 years old this year.