Good evening I hope everyone had a magnificent weekend!  Mine was wonderful, managed to stay dry long enough to squeeze in the Brooklet peanut festival parade and show houses Saturday afternoon then had a great open house at The Preserve At Cinder Hill.  Here is your residential real estate report for the week ending 18 August 2013.  According to the Hinesville MLS in Liberty and Long counties there are 531 active residential properties for sale +22 from last week, of those;

50 are foreclosure properties +2 from last week

79 are builder properties +5 from last week

There are 132 local pending sales -14 from last week

37 foreclosures -2

35 builder properties -5

There were 17 closed transactions during this reporting period.

Folks often ask why should I use a REALTOR ®?  I was at a board meeting for a condo association in which I own a unit in.  I see these meetings as a networking opportunity as owners of the individual units are usually in attendance and it is a great way to list and sell property.  I struck a conversation with a man I had never seen before and discovered he had recently purchased a unit near mine with a “for sale by owner”.  Of course out of curiosity I asked what he paid and when he told me I was in shock.  This gentleman purchased a unit from a guy he knew and paid about $8000 more than these units sold in the best of times; of course I told him I had 2 he could purchase!  The morale here is I could have saved this guy a good bit of money, he paid cash so there was no appraisal and my commission would have been about a third of what I would have saved him.  We are trained to understand value, which is what we do; this could have gone the other way for the seller as he could have sold short.  When thinking of buying or selling consult a someone that understands value call a REALTOR ®

Have a great week everyone! Remember I can help you buy and sell real estate anywhere in the world, so give me a call and let me show you the way home.