Good morning I hope everyone is having a great week, I am a little late with my weekly Hinesville Ft Stewart real estate report due to Technology issues, but here it is; For the week ending 9 Dec 12, according to the Hinesville MLS, in Liberty and Long counties there are 516 active residential listings -10 from last week, of those;

71 are foreclosures -3

62 are builder -8

We have 104 pending sales +4 of those;

21 are foreclosures -2

29 are builder properties + 5,

We had 10 closed transactions during the reporting period.


I recently had the opportunity to speak with a friend that was curious about real estate investing and he asked the magic much do need to start investing?  My answer was it depends.  A good rule of thumb in today’s banking environment you will need about 25% equity going in.  There are many ways and or strategies to obtain this equity in other words you do not absolutely need 25% down.  If you have ever thought of being a real estate investor give me a call and let’s sit down and discuss your options.  Have a great week everyone