Good evening and happy first day of fall.  I just returned from a week with my peers of the Georgia Association of Realtors in San Destin Florida where we spent a week meeting in various forums, taking continuing education classes and networking.  While it was great to get away there is always so much to do when you get back.  Here is your Hinesville – Ft Stewart residential real estate report for the week ending September 22, 2013.  According to the Hinesville MLS in Liberty and Long counties there are 515 active residential homes for sale, which is + 21 from last week, of those;

35 are foreclosures +2 from last week

81 are builder properties + 11 from last week

There are 142 pending sales in the market place +2 from last week, of those;

40 are foreclosures +1

32 are builder properties -1

Locally there were 5 closed transactions this period

As you can see we have an active market, I attribute the rise in inventory to builders bumping their inventory and folks putting their house on the market in anticipation of that usual winter PCS move, this is usually normal after the soldiers come back from block leave after a deployment as the Army resets itself.  I am very optimistic that we are going to have a strong market through the first of the year.  Have a productive week and remember I can help you with all of your real estate needs anywhere in the world, so give me a call and let me show you the way home.