Good evening, I hope everyone has had a great summer!  Be careful around town as school starts here this week, I took last Sunday night off so this week we will call it your bi-weekly residential real estate report if that is ok with everyone, according to the Hinesville MLS in Liberty and Long counties there are 517 residential properties for sale, + 1 from the last report, of those;

47 are foreclosures +6 from last report

71 are builder properties +1 from last report

There are 140 pending sales in the MSA – 13 from the last report, of those;

41 are foreclosures -4

36 are builder properties -8

There were 49 closed transactions since the last report!

I was recently at a fund raising dinner and social event and had the opportunity to visit with a gentleman who has been a real estate investor for over 30 years and owns well over 100 properties here in the coastal empire.  He is so happy and full of energy and he truly believes “a landlord gets rich in his/her sleep”.  For over 30 years he works casually and spends his time “just managing his property” a truly happy man.  I tell you this story because, as I have shared with many of you personally I too believe in the philosophy, now I don’t anywhere near what he owns, but I am a real estate investor and I believe you should be to.  Real estate investing does have its challenges as does any career or investment if it was easy everyone would be doing it.  I think most folks don’t invest in real estate because it’s intimidating   and they think it requires a lot of upfront money.  If investing in real estate is something you would be interested in, let’s talk, building a snowman first takes a snowball.  Give me a call today and let me show you the way to your dreams.  Have a great week everyone!