Good evening, I hope everyone had a great couple of weeks; I apologize for missing last week.  Over the course of the last 2 weeks I missed wishing everyone a Happy Easter and Passover, and today was Holocaust Memorial Day.  Here is Your Hinesville Ft Stewart residential real estate report for the week ending 7 April 2013.  According to the Hinesville MLS there are 521 active listings in the Liberty Long county area -11 from the last report.  Of those;

60 are foreclosures -3 from last report

73 are builder properties -9 from last report

We have 127 pending home sales +3 from last report, of those;

45 are foreclosures + 5

26 are builder properties +1

We had 35 Closed sales over the last 2 weeks! 

The spring buying season is upon us!   Interest rates are still extremely low and there is a god selection of inventory across ALL price ranges.

I recently was with a friend that does a little bit of real estate investing in the Florida market and he was going on and on about how values were shooting up in his market and all of the good values were disappearing.  It was not until my way home I realized I missed the boat!  Real estate investing is not just about buy low and sell high (it helps) I will be the first to admit that you make the money when you buy it, however the best returns are made over the spread of the investment.  You have rents, depreciation also known as cost recovery on your income tax and every month as you make those payments you are paying the principal down, kind of like putting money in a savings account and the rents are the interest.  As an real estate investor my personal strategy is to buy and hold a minimum of 5 years.

Have a great week everyone, spring is in the air enjoy life and remember for all of your Real Estate needs anywhere in the world message me and let me show you the way home.